South Carolina - January 27 to January 30, 2002

Photos by CO-leen CAH-lier and George BeDewski

Special contest - Count the Dewskis!



Eleanore Cassebeer grave.jpg (87840 bytes)

Eleanore Cassebeer grave


bapchurch.JPG (89253 bytes)

Phil's old house, which was too small to adequately contain his Titanic data.


sumtercemetary2.JPG (86199 bytes)

Tomb of the elusive Kathleen McNulty


the_boys.JPG (90943 bytes)

Mike Herbold, Bill Wormstedt, Brian Meister, Phil Gowan, and George (the surprise) Behe


Gbehe.JPG (98021 bytes)

George prepares to attack!


first_sight.JPG (46208 bytes)

The Surprise!                     (Alma Whitfield in foreground)

                  Either that, or George is trying out for the road tour for "Oklahoma"!


snoopy react2.jpg (14782 bytes)


Geoff's reaction!



Behe_hug.JPG (45424 bytes)

The aftermath!


leaving.JPG (91194 bytes)

George loves to play porter!


Sunday_dinner_1.JPG (89535 bytes)

Dinner that night

Left to right: Bill Wormstedt, Alma Whitfield, Phil Gowan, Mike Herbold, George Behe, Brian Meister,

Geoff Whitfield and Colleen Collier



Sunday_dinner_2.JPG (54062 bytes)

The other way

George, Brian, Geoff, Colleen, Bill, Alma, Phil and Mike



Lunch at THE BAROODY HOUSE, Florence SC

luncheon.JPG (92778 bytes)

The gang for breakfast

Standing:   George Behe, Mike Tennaro, Phil Gowan, Mike Herbold, Colleen Collier,

Brian Hawley, Sue Willard, Geoff Whitfield, Alex Cheek, Bill Wormstedt

Kneeling:  Mike Standart            Sitting:  Bill Willard


conversation.JPG (92816 bytes)

Phil:  "Nice shirt, George!"

Mike S., George, Phil, Geoff & Sue


the_chair.JPG (92328 bytes)

THE chair


behe-dewski.JPG (90510 bytes)

A Dewski moment!


wig stand.JPG (89900 bytes)

A souvenir that the Willards brought to show - a wig stand that was taken down 12,500 feet to the

wreck of the Titanic!


behedewski.JPG (83407 bytes)

*another Dewski moment*! 


twin mike's &Brian.JPG (93242 bytes)

Brian Hawley, Mike Standart and Mike Tennaro


columns02.JPG (95875 bytes)

Stately Gowan Manor - the site of our afternoon get-together

(Note the porch and columns)


lucy.JPG (94384 bytes)


Lucy Christiana Duff-Gowan


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